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  1. Thanks, really good to know! What a relief.
  2. I was kind of hoping that. They have to officially have the rule, but as expected not actually enforced.
  3. I'm travelling on RCL Voyager of the Seas from Copenhagen on the 29th June. I haven't been on a family cruise before and I'm quite concerned about the Healthy Sailing Protocols they've updated recently around unvaccinated under 5s. Myself, my wife and our 8 year old are all fully vaccinated and my 3 year old daughter is obviously not (there are no Covid vaccines available for under 5s). What concerns me is this: So they're expecting toddlers to wear masks? How can they possibly expect them to do so? There's no way I can see us being able to force our 3 year old to wear a mask especially when almost everyone else will not be. Is this something actually enforced? Honestly if I knew this prior to booking I would not even have booked. Any insights appreciated.
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