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  1. Thank you both so much! That is such a relief to me because I really mostly bought the drink and dining packages to reduce the stress of everything. I greatly appreciate it and can't wait to explore this new world of cruising!
  2. Hey, everyone! I am brand new to both cruising and this blog and I have so many questions. My wife and I are sailing on Anthem out of NJ in May on an 11-Night Transatlantic Cruise. We purchased the Deluxe Beverage Package, Unlimited Dining Package, and the Voom Surf + Stream Package. My first question relates to the UDP (which is why I am posting here). I looked through the app to try to check out how to reserve dining times. However, I discovered (as many here note) that you cannot reserve these with the UDP until you are on board. Not the best system as it creates a mad dash for people who are meant to be beginning a relaxing vacation, but fair enough. However, it also appears that Wonderland is entirely booked already for the every night of the 11-Night cruise. Now, I am okay with it if I just can't eat there because I missed out. But, I am curious if more time slots open up later, if we should possibly try showing up without reservations, or some other angle. Is this something that is common on these cruises? Honestly, I ask mostly because this is making me concerned about my UDP purchase because the whole point was to not have to worry about these things as much and now I feel like there is no reason to keep this package if this is going to just happen to every specialty restaurant in the coming month or so as we approach the cruise (i.e., it doesn't matter if I have UDP if I can't get a reservation at any of the specialty restaurants). I hope this makes sense. Thank you.
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