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  1. I have a dumb question, the app says the wipeout bar is on deck 15 aft but when looking at the deck plan it shows it is on deck 16. I am planning to do a bar crawl of the 6 bars on decks 15 and 16 starting at the Wipe Out Bar. didn't want to go up and down too much just incase of mobility issues. 1 Wipe Out 15 Aft 2 2 Pool Bar 15 Midship Port 2:30 3 Sand Bar 15 Midship Starboard 3 4 Solarium 16 Forward 3:30 5 Sky Bar 16 Midship Starboard 4 6 Mast Bar 16 Midship Port 4:30
  2. Is there an easy way to ask for a premium alcohol instead of the standard? Can I say make it with premium or something like that every time I order or do I have to specify brand? A little background, I am more of a beer/cider guy, I typically only drink cocktails when on vacation. This is my 2nd time having the drink package and I am not sure what is in each drink and not sure which brand to ask for. We met some people on our last cruise toward the end that had us try some drinks with specific brand alcohols and they were much better, not that the others were bad, but I could tell the difference. Bonus question 1: What is your preferred brand of alcohol like Bourbon, Tequila, vodka, etc. Bonus question 2: What drink is not on the menu I should order?
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