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  1. This is exactly what I was assuming and, what I was afraid of. If they stopped practicing this before covid, I didn't think there was a chance they would be allowing it now. And if I had to buy the soda package just for the water, I'd rather buy it now and save a few bucks. I searched for threads pertaining to this and got nowhere. At lease there's the transfer from tiny cup method. LOL!! Thanks for the info! Reverse osmosis water is perfectly fine by me, in fact I prefer cold tap to bottled. I'm just a nerd when it comes to drinking fluids from a source that a stranger has spit, washed grime and germs away in, and possibly puked in. Drinking from the bathroom sink is not an option for me, I know I'm weird. I just can't, its a phobia. Absolutely no shade to anyone who does this . My husband does it all the time.
  2. Does anyone pack/ bring a gift onboard, to leave for your room steward? My parents have done this for as long as I can remember, so naturally I picked up this practice and assumed its what everyone does. Until... I was talking to some friends and turns out NONE of them do this.!! Are we just the weirdos that leave behind unwanted goods? or our fancy hand lotions and reed diffusers not the adored trinkets of gratitude we think they are? My mom always said to bring your steward something they cant buy on the ship of themselves, something that will better their crew quarters or something they would want to give to their mom. But, now I think about it, this sounds like such a Mom thing to say.. LOL!! Thanks for your thoughts guys, sorry I keep asking questions
  3. My husband and I have 2 upcoming cruises on Anthem and Oasis. In the past we've always purchased the DBP, so I've never paid attention to alternative beverage options. Since our last cruise, we have adopted a healthier/ sober lifestyle. On occasion we will have a diet beverage, but 99.9% of the time we drink water. So my question is.... if I bring my empty/ clean metal or plastic refillable water bottle, are there fill stations or do dining facilities allow this? Or, will I be walking around with a tiny plastic cup the entire time. I don't want to pay for the soda package just for water. But I'm also not going to drink unfiltered water from a foreign source like a sink..yuck! lol! Any tips from water lovers or non drinkers? please and thanks
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