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  1. I'm honestly fine with either way, but I'm also happy to just go one my first cruise and haven't witnessed anyone being bad in a buffet before.
  2. I've been seeing some conflicting info on this in various places, so figured I'd ask here. Anyone been on Oasis of the Seas recently and knows if you can access/use the HDMI port on the TV in the cabin?
  3. I'm hoping mine is there when we arrive. I got champagne and strawberries since it's sort of an anniversary sailing for us, too.
  4. I think the unfortunate thing is because the site is called Royal Caribbean Blog, many folks think this is an official RC website and that if they complain here, Royal will maybe see it or do something to compensate them. Best thing is if you're having a bad experience, go to Guest Services. They'll do whatever they can to help, within reason.
  5. I'm excited to see what they put there! I hope there are some activities like a volleyball court or something.
  6. So, we have a stop in Nassau on our sailing. I haven't been there since I was a kid. Does anyone have any recommendations on a good place for some Caribbean food or something authentic to local cuisine? We'd like to not have to travel too far from the port, so something within walking distance would be nice.
  7. Oh I agree. I'm not much into energy drinks, but Red Bull would be bottom of the barrel for me if I was going to drink one.
  8. As for energy drinks, I believe the bars will have Red Bull if you're into that brand.
  9. My sailing has a stop there as well and my plan is to go to Coco Beach. The Line 9 bus goes from Port Canaveral to Coco Beach and it's a 60 minute round trip. Might be an option. There's the beach and other stores/restaurants there.
  10. I don't know a lot about it, but I've read there is a bus line near Port Canaveral. It's Line 9. Basically goes between Cap Canaveral and Coco Beach. https://321transit.com/route-overview/route-9/14/weekday
  11. I've seen mentions of Genies being able to arrange parties and I was curious, is this parties with people the guests know or, like...random people invited? If a couple, say, wanted to have a party, would the Genie find people to attend it or something?
  12. Ooh, neat! I hope they make more in the future. It's easy to feel left out of fun drinks if you don't drink alcohol.
  13. Bonus points for any fun mocktails outside of the normal ones like mudslides, daquiris, etc. I have a refreshment package on my upcoming cruise.
  14. So far I've found that massages don't tend to get discounted during sales. At least, not for my sailing. I've been wanting to try to get a discount, but the prices don't change during sales.
  15. I've been told by someone who cruises a lot that you can often get good prices on embarkation day if you want to start you cruise off with a nice massage.
  16. For what it's worth, on the Royal app Chops menu for my May sailing, it lists the Mushroom Soup. Can't wait to try!
  17. Yeah, depending on the ship, some will have more European plugs and some will have fewer. Oasis of the Seas, for example, seems to only have some US plugs on the desk and nothing else.
  18. You can buy a USB hub like this: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00P936188/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Basically, you can't have anything with surge protection. I think they err on the side of caution and just don't allow any extension cords, but this will allow you to charge multiple USB devices at once. Another option is something like this if you need more regular outlets. https://www.amazon.com/expanders-POWSAV-3-Outlet-Extender-Protector/dp/B082FJXVW6/ref=sr_1_3?crid=6GNKRSPNY673&keywords=outlet+extender+for+cruise&qid=1648472431&sprefix=outlet+extender+for+cruis%2Caps%2C147&sr=8-3
  19. It's validated! Okay, so I don't know if this is what helped, but considering it was rejected two times before, I have to wonder if this extra piece of info helped. So, along with the vaccination card, I took a picture of my Walgreens vax record that I printed out and included that in there. Next day, it's validated. My only guess if they didn't know what WAG was, but once I included the printed record, they knew what company to search for the lot #.
  20. I have this same question. I know you can look at past cruise compasses, but not sure that's a definite thing or not.
  21. Welp, Royal accepted my husband's vaccination card, and keeps marking mine as invalid. No idea why. Heck, my card is in perfect shape whereas his is beat up! All I can think is the provider box says WAG (I went to Walgreens for both) and they just don't accept that it doesn't say Walgreens. I printed out my proof from the Walgreen's site as well. I know I can just go to the port with all my docs, but I really don't want to leave it to chance that I get someone who just won't accept it. So frustrating!
  22. Wow, that's crazy. I can only think of a few things one could do on a ship that would cause someone to need a blood transfusion. Hopefully they're okay!
  23. I feel like I'm just asking a ton of questions this week. So, I've been reading things about "cruise documents." Most of the articles are years old. Has the app check-in process taken over for "cruise documents" or would I still be getting these in the mail? I booked through a travel agent and even on RC's website, it says they'll mail these documents to the agent and then to me. What are these for?
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