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  1. I have longish hair and thought about doing a braid, but now I'll definitely have to reconsider.
  2. Awesome! This is basically going to be our honeymoon even though we've been married almost 8 years. We never got to have one! Life kept getting in the way. Better late than never!
  3. Just wondering how important the check-in photo is. My husband got his hair color changed yesterday. Anyone know how important it is for the check-in photo to match current appearance?
  4. Right, I think it's easy to think you need a package. If you only have a couple drinks per day, it's way cheaper to just calculate a budget per day and stick with it.
  5. I'm not a drinker and I got the refreshment package, but yeah drinking 11 drinks every single day for 12 days straight just to break even is insane to me.
  6. Love how much patience Matt has in every situation.
  7. I know you didn't. I'm giving my opinion in return
  8. Getting an invoice doesn't mean they won't put further charges. It's just telling you what the final bill will ultimately be. They may simply not have gone through yet before you got off the ship. If you look at the invoice and see extra charges that aren't there on the invoice, then by all means contact Royal.
  9. Holy crap! That's a LOT of money just to get a free cruise. You could just use that money to get multiple cruises. And on top of that, it only lasts for a year or two?!
  10. It's like the people who are waiting in line at a fast food place and only start looking at the menu once they reach the cashier. Why are people like this?
  11. I do think it would be nice that if RC is going to enforce times from now on, that they have an indoor waiting area at least, but I still would prefer it this way. If you get there early, then...yeah, waiting is the next step and I'm okay with that. I would expect to wait if it were me. If you get there late, then I think there should be some sort of "late arrival" line where you can sort of get priority through the boarding process.
  12. Must be a recent change. My sailing is May 8th. When my 45 days hit, I was able to pick a time. I'm going on the Oasis of the Seas.
  13. I hope it stays this way. I never experienced the previous way, but I like having a time I know to be there and not having to arrive to see a sea of people ahead of me. Shorter, more manageable lines, seems to make way more sense. If someone wants an earlier check-in, then they can check-in early like I did.
  14. Mine hit at exactly 45 days and the app let me check-in at about 12:05 AM. It could probably fluctuate by a few minutes, but pretty sure it's usually available after midnight.
  15. I have a two night dining package and it says there's a $10 surcharge for hibachi. Is that per person or just an extra $10 overall? The planner site isn't super clear.
  16. "You'll eat with us and you'll like it!"
  17. I am definitely not usually a breakfast person, but I'm totally going to do this. Looking forward to breakfast, second breakfast!
  18. I had that happen with my previous booking (before the pandemic hit and I had to rebook). For some reason a random $50 OBC showed up. I'm pre-Gold, so I don't get any C&A benefits. No idea where it came from and never even got to use it.
  19. Awesome! Never been on an RC ship and last cruise I had, I was a kid. Going with my husband. He's wanting to make some new memories at sea as opposed to when he was deployed in the Navy. Not really the most fun of times, haha
  20. For the price, it BETTER be a bottle, but the listing isn't super clear.
  21. Really hoping we have a similar experience. That sounds wonderful.
  22. I have the refreshment package as well, first cruise coming up. From what I've read, you can ask for anything without alcohol, but some drinks might be pointless that way. Imagine ordering a Long Island Iced Tea without alcohol, for example. I'm very much looking forward to a virgin mudslide and daquiris, though. They also have a few original Mocktail recipes, now as well, so I'm looking forward to trying those.
  23. Someone else recently basically made the exact same complaint a few weeks ago. Another account that signed up just to complain. It's a little fishy, to be honest unless this person starts actually engaging otherwise.
  24. Ahah! Yes, I didn't realize the tags were under there, so yes if I click View Boarding Pass, the tags are there. Thanks!
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