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  1. Just returned from two weeks on Grandeur. I can’t eat meat or cheese for medical reasons, and I’m lucky that I can eat fish. At home, I eat vegan at least half the time, lovely ethnic food often. There is a whole world of creative dishes without meat or dairy, but you don’t see them offered on RCI. A fellow passenger who was 100% vegan was very upset with the unappealing offerings. Hire a consultant, RCI!
  2. There doesn’t seem to be a Roll Call for this sailing. Are you suggesting I start one to try to connect with other bridge players? Is there a message board on the actual ship where one could post an invitation?
  3. We understand that most cruises no longer offer organized bridge. Any idea how to find bridge players aboard our Feb. 20 sailing on Grandeur? It would be great to have a table (or two) on the sea days. Love cards but not smoky casinos.
  4. Has anyone actually done the Switch Health RT LAMP test from their cabin and had it accepted at the YYZ customs and immigration?
  5. Canada doesn’t accept rapid antigen tests for re-entry. Has to be RT-PCR or LAMP. We’re just wondering what other Canadians are doing.
  6. We’ll be needing a negative RT-LAMP test or RT PCR test to return to Canada from Barbados after our cruise. Which is easier to arrange?
  7. Wanting to clarify pre-boarding PCR test requirement. At check-in I’m seeing 3 days prior and elsewhere 2 days prior, which is a problem coming from Western Canada to Barbados since we would already be in transit when we get results. Which is it?
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