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  1. Saw a post on a social media site about a new mdr menu on Symphony for Nov 12-19 in the RCL app. So I checked it out and I am wondering if this is going to be rolled out to the other ships. The menu has been reduced significantly and offerings seem to be less costly, in my opinion.The classics don't seem to be on offer every night and there is an upcharge for lobster after the first one of $16.99 for cold Maine lobster. Anyone currently sailing on Symphony to confirm these changes? Noticed braised lamb shank, beef short ribs have gone and apple Blossom only offered once during the week, not to mention a lot of others. At the end of the day no one will starve but looking at the offerings, the cost cutting is evident.
  2. Thanks HeWhoWaits, that makes a lot of sense, I will check out the next 5 night cruise and see what the menu will be
  3. Hello all, I just took a look at the menu options in the main dining room for my upcoming cruise (Mariner of the Seas, August 8-13) and noticed that Lobster is on the menu on night four - my cruise is a five night cruise. I thought lobster was a 6 night or more cruise offering? I understand that he menus can change at any time, so it may not be correct but I have noticed the same menu for cruises happening now, has anyone had lobster on a cruise that was less than a 6 night duration?
  4. Sorry for the late response MarciaT, I hope you and your family have a wonderful vacation! Its almost here and I am excited!
  5. Hello all, First cruise ever and I can't stop thinking about it! Very excited and I am wishing everyone an awesome vacation!
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