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  1. We were notified today that we are upgraded from interior to balcony for Sunday's cruise. I was very surprised, but happy, to get notified so close to sailing!
  2. This has probably been answered previously, but I don't see it. If I am a solo cruiser, and I bid on Royal Up, will I pay for one passenger or two? Thanks!
  3. There may be some other considerations as well. My son is going on the same cruise, also had an Interior cabin. He could bid up to Sky Loft Suite! Our cruise was free; his was not.
  4. I got aRoyal Up email on April 11 for my July 10 cruise. I don't have one yet for my August 1 cruise; I am still getting the 30 days message on it. So maybe 90 days?
  5. What categories can you bid on? I am in an interior, and can bid to upgrade to a max of ocean view balcony. If I were in an ocean view, could I bid on a jr suite?
  6. I have bid on upgrades three times. The two times it was accepted, the bids showed in the "weak" range. The other time (also in the "weak" range) it showed pending for the last week when all other bids had "expired." But someone must have made a new booking during that time, so I didn't get the upgrade. So, don't worry about where it is in the range - bid what you are comfortable bidding, and be pleasantly surprised if/when you win!
  7. We had our bid accepted today for this Sunday's cruise!
  8. Our last cruise (November 30 on the Oasis), we had Grand Suite "Pending" and all others 'Expired." The day before the cruise, the Grand Suite went to "Upgrade Unavailable." So I am assuming someone bought it the day before the cruise. Always before, when one is "Pending" and all others "Expired," we got the "Pending" one.
  9. I will keep my fingers crossed for you too! So much fun to get an upgrade!
  10. Thanks AshleyDillo and nessachelle! I wonder why it expires at the end of the month...
  11. I have bids in on Royal Up for Harmony of the Seas in March. Today, I went in to look at them, and I see this message under the "bid bar" for each of my bids: Pricing above reflects a 25% discount to normal bid pricing. Act fast as this promotion is only valid until Jan 31, 2022 Any idea what that means? Does that mean they are treating my bid as 25% more? Or the bids they accept are 25% less than what they would have been? I am soooo confused
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