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  1. Arrived home after two weeks on Oasis and received my feedback emails but the content of the email is blank, so can't leave my comments. Thought I would do it on here. Oasis is a lovely ship, the crew in general a very polite and give good service. We noticed that this wasn't always the case between crew members, some seemed to be ingored by their fellow crew depending on their status. Definite, them and us attitude. The shows were excellent. Cats was sublime, the cast were real professionals and portrayed the story brilliantly. It's a shame that our American cousins don't seem to get the story and leave after the first half of the show. Perhaps it is to long or they don't understand the story. Is it on the right ships even? Come fly with me was also just as good, again the cast were brilliant. The guys flying on the umbrellas were superb. Hanging from hands and feet with no harness was just breathtaking. Unfortunately due to Hurricanes we had our itinerary changed so ended up in Costa Maya and Cozumel in stead of St Marteen and St Thomas which was a shame but it was the right thing to do. The food on the ship was relatively good. The portion sizes varied hugely, some meals we just right some the portions were massive and too much to eat. Chop Grille was awesome, polite staff and excellent food. It was nice to see some of the cast enjoying a meal on the Friday evening farewell show on Royal Promanade. Give us chance to tell that what we thought of the shows. My main surprise was the level of disregard to the dining standards in respect to the correct clothing to be worn. At no time was anyone challenged which made the rules clear stated in the daily cruise compass pointless. Also my final comment was the lack of instance of sanitiser, this was available at the entrance to envy area of the ship, it wasn't until midway through our second week until it became more obvious that sanitiser was being pushed as a must do process. Since our return we have heard that the ship has been deep cleaned twice
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