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  1. ... it's not what it sounds like! I have the refreshment package; my husband does not (honestly, he'd just prefer to stick with water, with maybe a glass of wine that we'll pay for a la carte with dinner). I am not a morning person, so I am wondering if he would be able to take my Seapass card to get me a coffee drink to bring back to the room— again, this would be for ME to drink. I am guessing this wouldn't be allowed, to prevent people from sharing their packages. But, has anyone been able to do this without it causing a problem?
  2. According the RC website JR & JR Express are including in the dining package:
  3. Hey there, my husband & I will be cruising for the first time at the end of March (Oasis)— we are so excited! We have the dining package, but not the beverage package. I've heard that at Johnny Rockets soda is included with the cover charge; can anyone verify this?
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