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  1. Thanks everyone! Love learning from everyone.
  2. Booked my cruise months ago and paid the deposit. Final payment is due December 2022. I have the money to pay it off now but wondered is there any advantage to paying it off early or should I wait until December? Thanks!
  3. I know that each kid has to have their own account. When I creat them an account it mentions them having a photo ID. My children (vaccinated) are going to be using birth certificates for our cruise and don’t have photo ids. Any one run into this issue and know of any way around it?
  4. Our flights are Saturday afternoon and we board the cruise ship Monday at 11:30. We want to know the status of our COVID tests prior to boarding our flight. So, could we take our tests at 12:05am Saturday morning before going to bed?
  5. My wife loves photos and we purchased a photo package for our upcoming trip. But question, do they allow you to take your masks off for photos? Don’t think we want a bunch of masked photos for our trip. Just wondering what is happening on the ships with that. Thanks!
  6. Thanks everyone! Ya'll are the best!
  7. Thanks for all the great info. Quick question about using the at home test (recommended here) with kids. We have 4 vaccinated kids, and two adults that will be cruising in February (hopefully). Two quick questions about the Abbot at home tests...... 1. When I buy a 6 pack, it will only let me put 3 names on on. What if I wanted to put all 6 of us on there? I know most say have extras, but I could buy two extra tests to have just in case. Also planning on having an appointment at Walgreens just in case too. 2. During the test they ask if you're the owner of the account. What about the kids? Do they need their own account or can they be tested under our accounts? Thanks so much!
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