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  1. I re-priced by cruise this week and saved about CDN $65. But more importantly, I was able to book add-ons at much reduced prices. Thrill Waterpark and jet skiing was like 50% off. I also got great prices on the soda package, Blue Lagoon and internet. Some of the more prized add-ons like dolphin swimming and alcohol packages didn't seem to have significant price drops (or any at all).
  2. My wife and I are considering doing the jet skiing at Perfect Day. If we book one "Driver" and one "Passenger," will we be allowed to take turns driving during the excursion?
  3. Will bottled water be available at no extra cost? I see a Dasani package for purchase, but would other basic bottled waters be available? Or is the complimentary water just tap water?
  4. Does anyone have recent experiences with the kosher food on board? How was the food? Do you know the updated menu? Are the portions unlimited, like with the non-kosher food? Besides for the airplane-style meals, what other kosher options did you find (e.g., soft serve ice cream, salad bar options, etc.)? How about at Perfect Day? Can we bring the meals off the ship since I doubt there are kosher options there. I thought I read somewhere that you can request that the kosher meals be delivered to a specific spot on the island for you during the day.
  5. What drinks are included on the ship without any drink package? Also, what drinks are included at Perfect Day without any drink package? For the Thrill Water Park option, it says "Break for complimentary burgers, hot dogs, salads and beverages at the nearby Snack Shack." Does this mean that we need to purchase a Thrill Water Park pass to get beverages? Also, what beverages does this include?
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