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  1. Hello All! My wife and I leave on Symphony in a couple of weeks. We have the 3 night specialty dining package but currently only have 2 restaurants we would like to try. We want to do Wonderland for the experience, and Chops because I can't ever say no to steak. Do you all have any suggestions on what should be our 3rd restaurant? We love trying new foods and are pretty adventurous, so all suggestions are welcome!
  2. Hello All! My wife and I leave on Symphony in a couple of weeks. We are so excited we can hardly stand it. We are looking at booking a massage for a sea day. We were wondering how likely it is that they offer massage discounts at some point during our cruise due to capacity being lower. Has anyone who has recently cruised experienced this?
  3. Around level 4 is where glasses slide of the bar and break. The guests jump and gasp, the crew don’t even flinch
  4. Awesome. Thank Matt! Is this something I need to reserve in advance, or can we just show up the day of?
  5. Hello Everyone! This is my first post and I'm very excited to have joined this awesome community. I have a question about 3rd party cruise parking in Miami. My wife and I are heading out on Symphony in November, and we are very excited, but we are encountering an issue. It seems that Covid has killed a lot of 3rd party cruise parking companies in the area. Has anyone cruised out of Miami recently, and used a 3rd party parking service that you would recommend? The idea of paying $25/day or $175 for the week for RC's garage pains me, but I will do that if that's what you all recommend. I'm just thinking that money would be far better used on a 50min Swedish :)
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