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  1. Matt, thanks! How do you stay in touch with your 11 yr old, since she can’t have the app/account herself? And what about the emuster drill? Struggling to figure this out for my 12 yr old. Thanks!
  2. Thanks all! I just popped on the RCI facebook page to inquire too. We’ll see. Thanks for heads up on the Day 1 meetup too… off to change our day 1 mytime dining reservation.
  3. Can you maybe send RC Blog the full week’s compass? I’m totally digging your writing!
  4. Yesterday, listening to the RCB podcast, Matt mentioned the Adventure Ocean ages up to 11. Where to 12 yr olds get placed by default? On Oasis, my 12 yr old (2 weeks shy of 13) wants to hang with her sister in the teen activities.
  5. Purchase in advance or once on board? We’re 2 Families traveling together
  6. That is AWESOME… running off to ask Mr Bezos to send me some sheet protectors…
  7. Hi, my fam has 2 cabins (2 adults, 2 teens), which have separate reservation numbers. How do I help get the 4 of us the same embarkation time? Don’t really want the kids managing themselves, lol.
  8. Like the zip line w/o a parent, plus access to teen club.
  9. My daughter will be 2 weeks shy of 13 when we said Jan 2022. All the rest of the kids in our party are 13. She is also Not keen on being with any unvaccinated kids. Does anyone know who/where at RC I could ask about getting her the privileges a 13 yr old would have?
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