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  1. I totally agree Fmanke , that would go a huge way to stopping the outbreaks.
  2. Totally agree, what's that all about it takes a second to clean your hands and you can bet their first in line to complain when they get sick.
  3. OOOOHHH the O Class maybe one day a man can dream.
  4. Cool, I hope you get to visit the Hard Rock in St Thomas and add to your collection
  5. Look on the bright side at least you will die a full and happy man
  6. Hi Geema, I have just briefly looked at where your ship will dock and it looks like it will be near the Cobh Heritage Centre and if this is the case you are about 21 miles away from Blarney Castle which will take 40 min at least by veichle if the traffic is good. I will keep looking at possibilities for you but straight away I would suggest using a RC trip. The reason for this is because if it was really close to the port I would say maybe do it yourself as it would be cheaper and you are close to the ship but as is so far away from the port if there was a problem with traffic etc RC will leave you there if you not back but if you have booked with RC they have to wait.
  7. That is an awesome idea sweet and salty
  8. Hi J_Keeble , Harwich is a good port and I'm suprised that more cruise lines don't use it but I think that is because a few lines may now have their eye on London Gateway Port which has deep water births , leads straight out to the North Sea and has easy access to traffic and from what I hear they are about to start 2yrs of road construction with wider roads and more junctions so is this maybe all gearing up for future cruise traffic flow. Also Enderby Wharf Cruise Terminal in Greenwich is due to open this year and will serve all Viking Cruises Ships but won't be able to take I'm guessing Cruise Ships over 65000 tonnes as the water is shallower and the Thames is very narrow at points. I think these are front runners because you can get into London in 25 minutes by car or coach.
  9. Love that, that's what it's all about good fun family time
  10. In the words of Homer Simpson MMMMM BACON
  11. Ok so its not a 5 star burger but i still think its great fun and the burgers are good. The problems occur (like many chain restaurants) when they change chefs. You can go in on a Tuesday and lets call him Noddy is cooking and the burgers are amazing and you give it great reviews but then you go in on Wednesday and crappy Jo who hates his job and cant really cook is on the grill and WAM its the worst place in the world and down go the reviews. If they could find a way to keep a high level cook who knows how to cook a great burger there at all times it would stay consistent but hey we all know that's not going to happen. One thing i am going to try on the Navigator next month is a burger for lunch in Chops , now surely that has to be a great burger. Can anyone fill me in on that as if it's not good i wont bother.
  12. Boy i hope not i love it. Both restaurants are awesome and the food and service is fantastic. For me though i think Chops is best for the main part of your meal but Giovanni's is best for dessert especially the cannolis there amazing. Chops would of had me on both but they stopped serving my favorite dessert Flaming Creme Brulee (see our profile pic) bad move RC that was in my view your best dessert in Chops.
  13. It's always nice to enjoy your cruise and remember I said your cruise so if you want to dress casual on a formal night then go for it. We tend to dress up once and then to be honest I've had enough and would sooner just wear what I want and after some great food and drink if I'm going to the casino I want to feel comfortable not hot and stuck in a collared shirt. As for the drinks package my advice would be if you drink a lot then average out the price of drinks you may have and if you exceed the cost of the package by say 3 or 4 drinks per day then over the course of the week it's worth it but if you only have 2 drinks a day then no its not but bear in mind if you have a Starbucks habit like Matt (sorry Matt ) everything adds up. If you count up as an example some bottled water maybe a few coffees , cold sodas then a beer and some wine with dinner and a drink before bed it adds up quick. To be honest if your still not sure then just go with the flow this time and buy as you go and at the end of your cruise compare the cost of all the drinks you have had to a drinks package and you will have your answer. Hope this helps.
  14. I'm still going to keep everything crossed that we get a Q plus ship or any class to be honest as it really would be good to get that 3rd ship based at Southampton.
  15. Thanks Spiegege. All the info is much appreciated, I can't wait to get on board and check her out. First Matt saying it's his favourite ship and now your input we are well excited . Also just hit the link re Matts post , great info thanks.
  16. Wow ! The Warriors what a classic, WARRIORS COME OUT TO PLAY
  17. Phew that's good news i still have 2 yrs left till i have to use it he he he. Although i know i have used a similar line so i guess i must be getting there
  18. Cheese on fries double yum but still not feeling the gravy.
  19. Yours maybe as correct me if i am wrong but you have homestyle gravy which is thick so i guess that's ok with fries as you could dip it but mostly English gravy is thin and runny so it makes everything soggy .
  20. Thanks Spiegeje, much appreciated. A hot tub inside the main part of the gym is a first for me cant wait to try it out and the cool down spot as if the Navigator is anything like the Indy there was no air con working in the gym on all our cruises on her
  21. Wow , that sound gorgeous like a little piece of heaven. maybe one day we will do a Caribbean Cruise on RC and get to see Coco Cay,
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