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  1. I would like to see maybe something like an IHOP or a Mel's Diner because you seem to always have choices for your evening meal but it would be great to have that choice for breakfast. There's just something about a stack of pancakes with a side of sausage or bacon
  2. Fortunately for us when we sail in October on the Indy we are staying overnight in a hotel which is right opposite the Ciy Cruise Terminal where she docks so we will be there as soon as we are allowed in. I wonder if they would let me fire a zip wire across and board James Bond style :)
  3. Cool , bring on the good times. Just don't blame the rolling on the ship he he :)
  4. I Strongly agree with Matt always take your passport. I hope you don't need it but if you check out you tube and see how many people miss the ship due to different circumstances it's better to be safe than sorry. Not sure when you are cruising but have a geat time.
  5. I'm with you Bryce I don't see why they are not 24hr as most people that will use the gym are going to keep up their normal routine and to shed some of the extra pounds gained on the ship and the majority of them don't need supervision in the gym.
  6. You must be well excited :) . I have just checked out where you are going and it looks like a great cruise. I have been to a few places on your itinerary. I love San Juan and St Maarten. Hope you both have a great time and hopefully you will speak about the trip on your podcast.
  7. Dover is another great port to sail from. They have very friendly staff and the views of the White Cliffs are fantastic especially when leaving port. Also if you are planning an over night stay try the Premier Inn on Marine Parade it's right on the water front opposite the cruise terminals so you get a great view of your ship and others.
  8. I see on Royal Caribbeans UK website that Quantum is going westbound from Southampton to New Jersey in 2014. It looks like a one time cruise so I'm hoping that me and the misses can get on her. Anyone booked for that crossing yet. I am also hoping that she may do an eastbound crossing as well because ideally we would love to fly to New York spend some time there and then cruise home to Southampton.
  9. Here's one for ya. Who does the best shakes on board , Johnny Rockets or Ben & Jerry's ?
  10. Yeeeeeeee Haaaaaaaaa under 50 days till we go on the Independence. I can't wait :) sun , sea , food , fun and all the R&R I can handle.
  11. Thanks Matt, the article was helpful. The comments left by you and Bryce will be useful especially the one about the spa raffle and that if you speak to a member of staff in the gym you should be able to use the showers , saunas and changing rooms in the spa, that's really nice as it's always good be able to shower after training and put on some fresh clothes.
  12. Ships seem to get bigger all the time but when is it time to stop. Personally I love big ships but will there come a time when they are too big. When you consider that one of the biggest ships in the world is the Oasis at 220000 tons and it must take all your cruise to get around her perhaps we have got there now. Will it now be as seems to be happening that the ships will fight it out for the best attractions on board. You only have to look at Quantum , she has got some amazing new features or do you think we may see the ships get smaller and more intimate with much more luxury. In my opinion bigger is best but what do you all think.
  13. I'm a bit of a gym nut , can anyone tell me if the gyms on the ships are open 24hrs. Do they have free weights and Trx frames or Kinesis machines and do they sell protein shakes etc.
  14. One of our favourites is the Hard Rock in St Thomas. It's quite hidden away but when you find it's great. The food was good and fast and the best part is at the back of the restaurant there is a balcony with a few tables , THE VIEWS OVER ST THOMAS HARBOUR ARE STUNNING. It's been a while since we have been there so I hope it's still there. On our next Cruise which is in October 2013 on the Independence of the seas we are going to the Canaries and one of the places we visit is Funchal Madeira. We have been told that one of the best places to try Is Reids. Has anyone tried it and any advice on what to try.
  15. Any one have tips on how to beat the queues. Its our first time on the independence and as she is so big we want to get on asap and start the good times.
  16. For me I think it has to be Southampton for three reasons. First is and a huge bonus for me is that I can take as much luggage as I want because I don't have to go to an airport. Next is parking , i find it reasonably priced and the car parks are very close to the ships. Finally I love the view as you leave the motorway and approach the docks. You go over two flyovers and as you are high up you can see all the ships lined up it's awesome.
  17. Have a great Cruise and a fantastic anniversary. 25 years is awesome , my wife and I wish you many happy years to come.
  18. Unfortunately I haven't bumped into anyone famous on the cruises I have done. How about you guys & gals out there any claims to fame.
  19. If I could put a new attraction on a ship my idea would be to have a glass bottom on an area of the ship so that you could see what's below you while you sail. Imagine seeing the coral or fish and even a Turtle while you leave port and the ultimate could even be a Shark or Whale whilst out at sea. How cool would that be. Anyone have their own idea for something fun on a ship ? .
  20. My wife and I would love to go on a round the world cruise. Hopefully Royal Caribbean will start doing one and then if we can afford it its party time.
  21. Cool , you are so lucky. I hope you have a great time. It's a shame she is only here for a while but at least she will have done a few cruises before she rtns to Ft Lauderdale, but I think as Arnie would say SHEEL BE BACK , ASTA LA VISTA EUROPE.
  22. Royal Caribbeans UK website has announced that from 2014 the Oasis of the Seas will be sailing from Southampton to the Mediterranean. You can book for her sailings now. In readiness for her arrival Southampton is building an additional berth to accommodate her. I can't wait to see her arrive at the port and even better than that is if I get to sail on her(here's hoping).
  23. Hi trainer.Stan I have got round this by using another email address and adding a number to my user name so that people can see its me posting on both the message board and the questions. Hope this solves your problem.
  24. Let me know which ship has the best Casino on board and your biggest win. My biggest was $1600 .00 while playing Let it Ride and my wife's was $1200.00 on a wheel of fortune slot machine.
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