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  1. The biggest issue that I have with it is that I compared pricing when I booked this back in Jan. and the original itinerary was priced higher for Jamaica and Grand Cayman vs the Mexican ports. The changes I agree are out of Royals control understandably at times, but to end up paying more for a trip is one of the reason why this got me. I do appreciate everyone's insight on the matter and see y 'all's point about being flexible during these times. I just have a hard time being ok with paying something higher for what I know what the value is based off of Royal's own website. I'm always checking rates (lol literally every week, i have a problem) and really am not at a point to afford a cruise trip at least once year. It definitely just means more a bit to me given those circumstances. I think the most realistic plan is to stay with what I have until a week before. Maybe hope for a hurricane to come by but if not just end up canceling/rebooking to another date.
  2. So would you happen to have some insight on what major ports would be operational? I obviously know about Mexico but I'm trying to figure out my next step. And by the way, at least in my situation, when they changed from Independence to Odyssey, we didn't even received that notice but on top of that, they didn't mention about being to refuse the change/get refunded. Idk if there was confusion about it but I definitely would taken that option.
  3. Hello Y'all, I'm new to this group but avidly watch the youtube videos. I have some questions and concerns that I wonder if anyone here could help or enlighten. Firstly I booked back in Jan. and the itinerary was Haiti, Jamaica, and Grand Caymans on the Independence out of Miami. Since then it has completely changed. The first set of changes were with the ship (now Odyssey), port (Ft. Lauderdale), and location (Nassau instead of Grand Cayman). As of today it changed again to Western Caribbean only (Coco Cay, and Mexico). I am not sure how to handle this situation. I have had to call multiple times to their customer service (not including when they randomly increased our fees and didn't tell us. We had to find out and turned out it was a system error) and there was nothing done about it except I was told the usual "if you don't like it you can cancel." Keep in mind, today I had to spend 4 and half hours to conclude with the supervisor saying that. I am obviously fuming right now but I have been a 100% die hard fan of Royal for years and this feels like punch in the gut. I honestly want to know what y'all think and feel about this situation, from one fan to another. *Note I tend to do the bookings myself since I have spoken with cruise agents in the past and I end up finding better deals, lol even for them. At this point is it just better to cancel, rebook, cruise, and never come back? Any suggestions on how to handle this situation better?
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