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  1. Does anyone have access to what the entertainment is? I'm surprised I can't see it online or in our cruise planner only being 10 days away.
  2. Hey everyone, going on Adventure of the Seas August 7th! Can't wait! Just a heads up to anyone who's interested.... I just booked a floating cabana at CocoCay for $999. If anyone would like to join us we can arrange to split the cost somehow. We are a young couple in our mid 20's and super easy going. Just trying to lower costs. If anyone is interested please feel free to reach out to me @ [email protected] and we can organize everything!
  3. To whomever sees this. I saw it dropped down to $999. I'm going to purchase it. Again if anyone would like to join get in contact with me at my email [email protected] and we can set up a way to make it work. Again, super easy going couple in their mid 20's trying to make the most out of our experience!
  4. Hey everyone, Just wanted to see if there was any interest in a party splitting a floating cabana at Perfect Day on the Adventure of the Seas cruise leaving Nassau from August 7th-14th of this year. The cabana benefits seem phenomenal, however, the price doesn't. I'd be willing to pay for it and just have the other parties interested venmo/cashapp me the balance of their split. Please feel free to reach out! Easy going young couple in their 20's!
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