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  1. Probably, but they don't gamble. I posed this question not for myself personally, but for a couple we just booked with - it's a late spring cruise, Northern Europe, so it's not going to exactly be hot outside. She's a regular cigarette smoker, especially with a drink. He's a cigar smoker, although my husband would definitely join in with a cigar, for us it's not essential. They've never cruised before so just trying to see if they'll be able to do what they need to do to enjoy the cruise. They originally figured they could just smoke on the balcony but I had to tell them no. Thanks for your input - hoping they can figure it out ?
  2. Good morning! We have an opportunity to be Aft on VOS for a Northern Euro cruise - specifically 9392. Anyone have experience with Aft type cabins. We've never had one - I'm more prone to being motion sick, but a take a Bonine nightly no matter how I'm feeling, just to be sure. Are balconies bigger? Is cabin any larger? Still falls into the 4D category. Will we smell smoke from the stacks? Thoughts?? Thank you in advance!
  3. Thank you! Looking forward to getting lots of ideas and answers on this forum!
  4. Hello All, we just booked a VOS Northern Europe cruise - not til April 2022, but have a question. We are traveling with smokers (both cigarettes and cigar). Does the newly amped up VOS have a cigar bar? Concerned because late spring sailing in that area may be chilly to hang outside. Thank you!
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