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  1. Thank you.This one says sailings through Dec 2021.The other posted in this thread says sailings through March 2022.Confused
  2. We sail Jan.2022.Online on RCCL site it says sailings through Dec 1 2021.So I called to verify and they said it wont include Jan 2022.I spoke to supervisor in Shore Excursions.I hope he is wrong
  3. Called Royal and sale wont apply to 2022 sailings.Wondering where that flyer came from
  4. Your flyer includes sailings through 3-22. Online flyer says sailings through 12-21 Any thoughts?? Also what will be discount on key? Thank u
  5. I have heard that Royal usually offers good deals on cruise planner during black Friday.Will 2022 sailings be included??
  6. When can I expect to see sales for my Jan 2022 sailing?
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