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  1. I took him to mean that the waiter put the more expensive of the 2 on his package and charged him for the cheaper (the beer)
  2. I was a big drinker once upon a time... if forced to drink my money's worth, I'm sure I could...the question is do I want to? haha ;)
  3. thanks for all the replies! it's clear that I should do one of 2 options: 1) purchase unlimited soda packages for both of us and pay for my other drinks a la carte 2) purchase an alcohol package for me and try our luck giving my wife the soda cup we are taking the majesty and I heard it has freestyle machines.
  4. by the way, thank all of you for your input!
  5. ok so to summarize, when figuring out if a drink package is right for me, sodas/juices $2-3, premium coffees $4-5, beers $5-6, mixed drinks $10-12. that sound about right? but they also offer water, tea, and lemonade free of charge. this might sound like a dumb question but are there only sodas in the lowest fountain drink package or does it include juices? I'm taking that name to have a loose interpretation of anything they can shoot from a bar gun, such as pineapple, orange, or cranberry juices.
  6. When I was last on a RCCL cruise, simple teas and juices were free. Is that still the case? Like on the deck and at meals, do they still serve those simple juices in those plastic cups? Are the sodas sold by the can only? rather than fountain drinks?
  7. I've been reading through this thread and have some questions.. so I've read that mixed alcoholic drinks are averaging $12 each. What about beer or wine? Also, what about soda? I have an upcoming cruise in July and am trying to decide whether or not to opt for any packages. The unlimited soda package is only $6.50 pp/day. Is that a good deal? Also, my wife is pregnant so she won't drink any alcohol. Are they strict about "sharing" packages? I mean I'll use the package for alcoholic drinks for myself and I'll give her the soda cup. Would that work?
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