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  1. Thanks all for the replies. USCG Teacher and RoyalMoyal, thank you for the resources. SpaceNoodles you are absolutely right, they are clearly on the deckplan on the web page. Except I was looking at the deckplan you get when picking a cabin for booking, which does not include the tick marks. Then I used a couple other resources I have used for years and they didn't have the checkmarks either. I just double checked and sure enough, the ticks are on the deck plan when you go through the RCL main page, but if you go to book a cruise the tick marks are not there. Odd that they don't use the same d
  2. I've looked at all the deck plans. None that I have found show what side of the ship the doors are on for the single row cabins are. For example 11205 through 11223. If we book 11213, we want to know if we should get 11210 or 11610 so that the doors are across the hall from each other. Thank you
  3. Does anybody know how to identify what side of the ship the doors are on for any given interior cabin for a Quantum class ship (the Quantum in particular, though I am sure they are all the same)? We are looking to book multiple cabins and would want to have 1 interior with 2 or more balconies close to each other. It won't help much to have the door of the interior cabin be on the opposite side of the ship. (To those more unfamiliar than I am, there are often only 1 row of interior cabins going down the sent of the ship.)
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