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    SCUBA, computers, shooting sports, cars, tinkering, building, cruising.

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About Me

I am a geek.  Always have been always will be.  Many years ago while in school that was a bad thing, but today is the age of the geek.  I don't have cable, I don't have Netflix or any other streaming service.  I have a server with Plex and 2500 movies along with multiple TV shows so I don't have to watch commercials or crap when "Nothing is on."  My server also handles my HomeAssistant installation among other things, it is an X8DT6-F board with dual Xeon X5690's and 96GB of RAM with the ability to have up to 48 3.5" drives but currently has a pool of 7 X 4TB drives in a RaidZ3.

I learned to SCUBA dive after my wife passed away on Feb 28th 2019.  She was everything to me and one day while wandering I ended up in a dive shop and then after breaking down crying I filled out some paperwork and was in the water that night.  My first real dive was in Cozumel Mexico while on RCCL Liberty of the Seas and was approx 75 feet under water.  Later on I became Advanced Open Water certified and dove to 100 feet under water in Jamaica where my wife was from.  A few months after that I stopped in to the shop where I originally certified and became a Rescue Diver so I am the guy you want around if you are having a problem in the water, honestly with my gear on I am better than a lifeguard.

I am a gamer as well, I have two YouTube channels actually.  MuttMutt's GameRoom and MuttMutt Outdoors.  One is mainly for gaming and geek stuff and the other is for anything outdoors.

I also enjoy shooting sports and love to get in on a steel challenge match when I can.  Have done a few USPSA matches as well and lets just say that I am faster and more accurate than your average police officer and I know that because I have competed against them.

Tinkering and building, well... I took some 2P lithium battery packs and made a 4P 5S battery packs to replace the lead acid batteries in my battery backups and I built an O2 analyzer as well as have flashed a bunch of Sonoff Basic's and miscellaneous Tuya based light bubs over to ESPHome to work with my HomeAssistant installation.  I built my server, my desktop computer, and a few other things I have sitting around.  I enjoy working on my vehicles and quite often people ask for my help when they need something done cheap.  I have also went to help out a little on SV Seeker which was quite interesting.

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