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  1. Yes, lets hope this will all be behind us by then! Back-to-back cruises sound like a fun plan to me We were so looking forward to this cruise in January 2021, but with all that is going on, I don’t think cruising in January (if it’s a go) will be enjoyable. Still have a couple months to see how things will evolve.
  2. That’s great news! Thank you for replying
  3. Good Day everyone, We are booked for a cruise in January 2021. Our final payment is due in October 2020. My question is: if we decide to move our cruise to January 2022 using the “Lift and Ship” option (before September 30), do we have to pay our final payment by this October (for a cruise that will occur in 2022) or will our final payment be moved accordingly to our new cruise date? (if our new cruise is January 2022, then, is our final payment by October 2021)? Thank you for any information you can provide.
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