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  1. @AshleyDillo is there anything within walking distance of this hotel? I did see your Uber to get to food which we can do as well. Just wasn't sure if there was anything close to the hotel.
  2. Hello fellow cruisers! 138 days until my Oasis of the Seas 7 night cruise out of Miami. I was wondering on hotels close to the port that have shuttle service from the airport to the hotel and from the hotel to the port that anyone would recommend. I am flying into Miami International on the day before my cruise and flying out the day after. I have a hotel booked right now, but thinking maybe I need one closer to the port and local dining/shopping within walking distance to the hotel. The hotel I currently have booked is the Comfort Suites Miami Airport North. Thank you in advance!
  3. Just looking to see which is recommended...Pearl Island or Blue Lagoon Island in Nassau. Any tips for either of these excursions? Also, if anyone has done the all inclusive sail, swim and snorkel excursion for Nassau? These are the ones listed in the Cruise Planner.
  4. I am trying to find reviews and suggestions for excursions in Nassau. I have been looking between Pearl Island and the VIP Blue Lagoon for starters. I was also thinking about the resort for a day option and looking at RIU Hotel All inclusive vs British Colonial Hotel and Resort. I know the British Colonial Hotel only gives $40 per paid adult food/beverage credit and the RIU food/beverages are included. Is the $40 per person enough to cover food and drinks? I know reviews are just that and it is really what amenities and interests are being sought out. Just looking for some different information and people's past experiences with any of these.
  5. Thank you all for the recommendations. Very helpful. This is why I am a fan of RC Blog.
  6. I was wondering if it is better to get an Uber or Lyft from Fort Lauderdale airport to Miami or if there is a better cheaper option? Flying into FLL (Southwest) because was cheaper for my cruise in Dec 2020 (fingers crossed). Booked my hotel and hope I picked an alright one. It is pretty close to the port.
  7. Does the ultimate beverage package include adult shakes at Johnny Rockets? I have heard mixed answers and on the cruise planner it does not list them, but I have seen another post where someone took a screen shot of the cruise planner description of it where it does list milkshakes.
  8. Thank you all! Let's just hope my Dec 28th sailing will still take place.
  9. Hello, Just wanted to get a good hotel recommendation that is close to the Port in Miami.
  10. Thank you. I have heard and read different things that even though it says Unlimited you can only go once per day. I do understand the having to have reservations. I just wanted to make sure I was not going to get charged at the end of the cruise if I happen to go to more than one specialty per day.
  11. If I have purchased the Unlimited Dining Package can I go to Izumi for a pre-dinner sushi roll lets say around 5:30pm and then go to Chops for 8pm dinner without having extra charges at the end of the cruise? Or is it just one specialty restaurant a night? So since I went to Izumi then they would charge me at the end for Chops? Hope that makes sense. Or can I go to Chops early then get Giovanis later on that same night?
  12. Thank you for the information Matt. It is awesome how you get this information out to all of us. I did see the amplification was not done, but I am still looking forward to it!
  13. Thank you Matt for all the Royal Caribbean blog information and videos on YouTube. Since on the videos you say you do not work for Royal Caribbean then how do you get all of this information not related to sailing itself? Also, have they ever reached out to you to work in the PR department or anything? Keep up the good work. I am looking forward to my first cruise on Royal Caribbean Dec 27th on Explorer of the Seas. I have cruised on a Carnival ship before, but my wife has not cruised at all. How is Explorer of the Seas?
  14. Never been on Royal Caribbean before and have cruised with another line before so hoping this is better. Anyways I wanted some input on Nassau and Labadee please. For Nassau: 1. Is Blue Lagoon Island worth the excursion (Blue Lagoon Island Deluxe Beach Break With Lunch) 2. Are the shops close within walking distance from the Pier where the ship docks? (Thinking about maybe taking the wife walking and sight seeing/shopping as she has never cruised at all before) For Labadee: 1. Are the beach bed rentals worth it, and is the part of the beach those are located on worth it? Or is it better to reserve the lounger for 2? 2? The jet ski rental excursion is that worth it? 3. Sandbar Island Adult party? Thoughts? Thank you all for your help. I have been watching Matt's videos on YouTube on RC.
  15. I do have a couple quick questions about the dining package... 1. Does it only cover one specialty dining spot per day or let's say can you grab a couple of pre dinner sushi rolls at Izumi and then like 830-9pm go to Chops for dinner and it be covered with no extra charges at the end of the cruise? From what I understand on sea days can grab lunch at a specialty spot then dinner at another, but was not sure on non sea days. 2. Also, does it cover Johnny Rockets on the Explorer of the Seas
  16. I was able to book the UDP on my 5 night in Dec on the Explorer of the Seas
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