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  1. Which travel agent would you recommend ? My husband wanted to use costcotravel or book with royal Caribbean directly but of course the RCL customer service has super long waits now because of the pandemic thanks
  2. Thanks everyone I really want to make the booking before August 1 to get that cancellation protection I just wasn’t sure I had understood the terms properly and when I try to make the booking at the end it says deposit non refundable so I was confused by that too thanks once again
  3. Hello i am thinking of booking a cruise on rcl for 2021, I am trying to understand this cruise with confidence policy if I book this month for sailing for April 2021 and then cancel a month prior to sailing would I be able to get all my money back including the non refundable deposit to use for a year as cruise credit ? I just want to make sure I am understanding this new policy correctly thanks everyone
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