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  1. Good points, the gloves are needed with the masks, and other cleaning procedures are also needed. The purpose of the mask is to prevent you from infecting others. The masks do mitigate the distribution of droplets that contain germs. If everyone wears masks and gloves, there are simply fewer particles anywhere. That is the real point. We could shut this down if we all cooperated. I know it is frustrating, but we must all be smart about this.
  2. The odds of a single contact involving the virus are small, assuming independent events and random exposure. However, the probability of being exposed to the virus after several hundred contacts approaches certainty. Just do the math, and you will see. So we will all be exposed at some point. I won't cruise until my wife and I feel it is safe -- that we can mitigate the risk, or have access to effective treatment, or have access to a vaccine. This is still a virus the kills healthy people without underlying conditions. But we face parallel risks at home -- going for groceries, ga
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