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  1. I have never heard of a travel router before. Does this mean that I can pay for one device (either with Key or Internet package) but use 2 at the same time if they are connected to the router? Is this allowable on the cruise ship or is it something that is frowned upon?
  2. I am interested in purchasing the Key right now because it is on sale for my October cruise. I understand that the Key includes Voom for 1 device. If I purchase Voom Surf + Stream, will that allow me to have another device as well? I would like to have internet for 2 devices and wanted to make sure that Voom Surf + Stream will give me another device on top of the one that is with the Key.
  3. As a first time cruiser, I am hoping to be on Oasis of the Seas in October. We have a 1 BR Aquatheater Suite (11330) and have a few questions. I have been reading reviews online and have watched a ton of Youtube videos but I still have some questions that I am hoping you can help me with. I know there are a lot, so I appreciate any assistance you can provide. TIA 1) Does room 11330 have a bathtub or just a shower? Unclear whether or not this changed after the amplification. It was my understanding that all suites had a bathtub, but I saw some videos that showed just a shower, so I am conf
  4. If it is Lobster Night in the Main Dining Room, is it also available in Coastal Kitchen? What about escargot? I saw that is available in MDR, but wasn't sure if I could get it elsewhere.
  5. I am hoping to be on Oasis of the Seas on October and I am wondering about the $35 credit for sushi at Izumi. Is the $35 credit per person, per day? If I want sushi every day of the trip, would it be $35 credit each day? I assume it would be the same thing with Portside BBQ and Playmakers. TIA
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