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  1. I was supposed to get married at the end of march and then go on a cruise. Our weddings been moved to late july and I'm not getting my Hope's up that it'll be allowed to happen. But if it does what does everyone think about the probability of being able to go on a cruise after. Just seeking friendly input.
  2. Me and my fiance have been planning our cruise for like a year now for our honeymoon in the beginning of April. Have been monitoring the situation and are really on the fence on if we should go or not. I really wanna just go. My only fear is that the ship wont be allowed to go to the ports I've been so excited about (the Bahamas) but well see how the next few weeks go. Fingers crossed for us and for every experiencing this inconvenience.
  3. I have a cruise booked for early april. It will be me and my soon to be husbands first cruise. I'm not scared of getting coronavirus. I'm more scared that the cruise wont be as fun as it could be because people are scared, ports being closed ect. Just seeking advice from people recently off cruise ships if I should just rebook for a later date and do something else for our honeymoon. Thank you for your time.
  4. Hello! I booked an excursion for atlantis in the Bahamas through royal Caribbean cruise planner. I am wondering if that provides the transportation to and from or I have to worry about getting a cab or renting a car. Thank you for any information for I am a first timer
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