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  1. Doesn't seem to be showing the images for some reason
  2. Yes that's the one! At the aft of the ships and it's positioned at an angle. I've never sailed on an oasis class ship and at one point I thought it was some sort of viewing platform too lol
  3. Hi, This is a really random question about a feature on Oasis class ships which i picked up when reading about Wonder of the Seas. One thing they seem to have in common is the feature on the top deck that looks like a mast? I think on most ships it's a bar beneath it, but what is this? Does it serve any purpose on the ships at all or is it purely aesthetic ? It looks like a smoke stack or some sort of mast but i've been trying to figure out what it is or what it's for.
  4. Thanks! I'll bear that in mind
  5. Aww I'll just have to make the most of them at the island then I guess. I thought they could maybe make them on the ship if asked.
  6. Hi, Since the cancellation of my Mediterranean cruise I decided that I'm going to look into booking a Caribbean cruise for 2021 instead. To get me in the mood and cheer me up I followed the recipe for the Coco Loco found on the blog and I think I have found my new favourite drink! I do have a couple of questions about them though: 1) Can Coco Locos only be purchased on Coco Cay or can I get these on the ship as well? 2) I have also heard talk about a Labadoozie and wondered is this the same drink only adapted for the resort of Labadee?
  7. Jeffmw we're in the same boat, no pun intended....
  8. We are scheduled to be on the 1st cruise following the amplification and Royal have yet to confirm whether this is cancelled or going ahead. The amplification was a big factor for me choosing this cruise and if it's not going ahead I may have to reconsider. This isn't helped by the fact Spain and Italy are both in lockdown and are also the countries with the highest volume of cases in Europe and these are where some of the stops are. Looking at cruise mapper it would appear Allure has been sailing for nearly 2 days from Barcelona heading towards Gibraltar which could be an option since all Spanish ports are refusing entry. not looking great at the moment
  9. Just seen these on Instagram, looks like they are painting Freedom's hull blue. I wonder will this be a new livery applied to ships moving forward ?
  10. @Ogilthorpe This worked! Thank you so much!
  11. Thanks I'll give this a go and see if it works
  12. This is why I wanted to do it on the app, more for convenience really. I wouldn't mind expiediated arrival either!
  13. Hi everyone, Today is exactly 90 days until my cruise and I had a question about online check in. If i go to check in via my online RC account on the website it allows me to proceed and do it just fine. When doing it, the site shows a pop up recommending the app for check in, however when I go to try it here, it says check in is available only from 19th.February. Is this an error? I have noticed the date on the app has seemed to vary quite a bit and has even said check in is available from the 10th March too. It seems to change daily. Does it normally change with such frequency? I thought maybe RC were staggering check in? Thanks again, Jamie
  14. Hi @1st time cruiser I have checked my cruise planner loads since booking back in July 2019 and the price has never fell below £40 per day on the Deluxe drinks package. I read about the deals with up to 30% off in the States. Seems the deals aren't as lucrative in the UK but I could be wrong. Best thing is to just keep checking.
  15. Really appreciate the help guys! The advice and tips have been so valuable and has given me a lot to think about @Traveler I will definitely be taking a look at your blog!
  16. That's the exact same time as the cruise we've booked so that's good to know. We're sailing on Allure in May 2020. Thanks so much for this Fiona, it's been a great help and that website you provided is really helpful too!
  17. Hi Fiona, Great Photos! What you did was what I was hoping to do myself. Were you in port long ? This particular day we have a full 12 hours so I assume this would be manageable ? Also what ship did you said on ?
  18. Allure of the Seas 10th May 2020 First sailing following Amplification! So excited
  19. Thanks everyone for the advice, it's been so helpful! fingers crossed I can catch a deal on the cruise planner sometime soon. The boat tour views sound amazing!
  20. That sounds good, is there a website for the operator or did you just book at the port ?
  21. Sounds amazing! Did you do this all yourself or book through Royal? I would probably prefer to do at my own leisure and pace to be honest
  22. Hi rjac. Thanks very much for the tip. Le Spezia is the port I think I'm most looking forward to as I've seen images and videos of the coastline and it looks amazing! Perhaps the price might come down slightly in future cruise planner deals so fingers crossed! Can't wait to try Allure after she's been amplified especially if Oasis is anything to go by!
  23. Hi there! I have booked my first ever Royal Caribbean 7 night Western Mediterranean cruise for May 2020 onboard Allure of the Seas and cannot wait for the experience. I do have a question about shore excursions for La Spezia (Cinque Terre) and hope somebody can help? I have checked the cruise planner online and noticed excursions to the villages of Cinque Terre are priced between £100 - £150 per person and can't help but think about how expensive this is! I have read about the possibility of visiting these ourselves using the Cinque Terre Trekking card priced at €7 per person per day which would provide all day transport on the local trains between the villages which seem to run frequently enough. Is this a no brainer and has anyone else done this? My only concern is also about the reliability of the trains. I know the excursions through Royal give the assurance on making it back to the ship but at the price of £90 - £140 is this worth it ? A little guidance and help would be greatly appreciated Thanks :)
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