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  1. Thank you all for your insights. I think I will leave things as they are right now. We will see though how much of it we use and definitely try MDR. While this is our first cruise, we are definetly thinking of our second already.
  2. Hello, So me and my wife are going on our first cruise in June 2020 It's a sailing on Harmony of the Seas for 7 nights to Cozumel, Costa Maya, Roatan and Coco Cay. I'm kind of wondering if we really need all of the extras we've booked. We have the Unlimited dining package, deluxe beverage package Coco Beach Club day pass, not to mention shore excursions for every port. My goal is to not receive an extraordinary bill at the end of our sailing but I recognize we probably don't need all of these extras. Do you think we have too much booked? What extras do you normally book for a seven night cruise?
  3. Hi everyone, So I've been paying attention to RCL blog for quite some time, ever since me and my wife decided to make our honeymoon an RCL cruise in June 2020. I discovered the podcast this week and am making my way through the archives. Likewise I heard about the message boards because Matt mentioned them on the podcast. So we've bought an unlimited dining package, which as I understand, we make those reservations once aboard right? The thing I don't get is the cruise planner made me choose a time for this package despite being good the entire cruise right? Also I went back to the cruise planner, in the dining section there was a banner message that said "YOU CAN STILL MAKE DINING RESERVATIONS FOR NIGHT 2, NIGHT 3, NIGHT 4, NIGHT 5, NIGHT 6, NIGHT 7, BUT AVAILABILITY IS LIMITED. FIND THE PERFECT RESTAURANT HERE. PLAN ALL CRUISE DINING!" Can I make reservations using my unlimited dining package before I cruise through the cruise planner? Thanks, Danny
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