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  1. yeah, I just looked to double check and the reservation says my time dining. I actually emailed Royal Caribbean Sunday and they never replied to my question. I have been avoiding trying to actually call in case I get stuck on hold, but it looks like I will have to do so.
  2. Sorry, I was never notified that someone replied. Yeah that is how I have done it in the past, but when I go to dining on my cruise planner, My time dining doesn't show up, only specialty dining. I may have to call royal and try to figure out what is going on.
  3. Hello, When can we start to do reservations for the main dining room? We are a family of 9 and I have always made reservations in the past, but when I try now, I can only do it for specialty dining and not the main dining room. I want to make sure I do not miss my window and miss out on a large enough table. Our cruise isn't until Dec 2021 so we have time, but if anyone knows when I can start, I would be very appreciative. Thanks
  4. Most definitely! This will be my 4th RC cruise and there friendly/excellent service is what keeps us coming back. Not quite to diamond level yet, but working on it . I find myself getting stressed out a little on the bigger boats with so much happening and feeling like i am always missing out, so actually looking forward to a simpler trip.
  5. Thanks a lot!! We get a lot of bottled water to, more then we can bring on, so between coffee and water we usual make our money back. We will miss the fresh juice bar on the bigger boats (where you can pick 4 veggies for them to juice) but as long as we can still do everything else then it will probably still be worth it, especially with them doing 40% off for Black Friday over the normal 30% they offer.
  6. Hey everyone, we are doing our first cruise on the Empress of the sea. It is the first time doing a cruise on this small of a boat and was wondering if anyone knew if you could get specialty coffee's, like latte's anywhere on the boat, like at the main bar? On the bigger boats they have a spot just for this, but with this being a smaller one, I wanted to make sure before buying any non acholic drink package. I am not to concerned over it being a smaller boat, as my wife and myself do not get that involved in all the extra activates, but we do like a good coffee. Thanks in advance for any help
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