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  1. Could always do a specialty restaurant for lunch as another option
  2. On ships that have wow bands yes just have to be reprogrammed for that ship
  3. $57 for my Feb 22 Sailing. I did hear of a glitch over the summer that it dropped to $28 and some were able to lock in before they fixed it. Of coarse I missed out on that
  4. Next year we have a cruise on oasis my wife and I booked connecting rooms and each have as far as Royal is concerned one kid with each adult in each room. If I end up getting the alcohol package will they make me get a drink package for my kid or even the deluxe package for my wife in the connecting room? Or would it just be a package for myself? Both kids are under 12 years old thanks for your help
  5. I was more wondering if the WOW bands were accepted at the bars on coco cay
  6. Heading to St Martin in a few weeks looking to just spend a day at a beach does anyone know if there are any on beach massages anywhere? If so do you know if they would be cheaper than what’s offered on Symphony?
  7. I understand wow bands working on the ship but can they work on Coco cay?
  8. We just booked a cruise on the newly amped up oasis and are taking the kids along with us is there any way of giving the kids a set allowance to use for whatever games drinks per day linked to their wow bands?
  9. Any idea if Royal is going to have any kids sale free perks for Jan 2021 would like to do a cruise on oasis beginning of 2021 with the family without it costing a small fortune.
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