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  1. They allow 2 bottles of wine or champagne per cabin, however, my travelling companions and I have always carried on 2 EACH and they've never said a word. This was out of Port Canaveral so I don't know if they enforce this differently elsewhere but I imagine it's a cruise line thing, not a port by port issue. I've never tried to carry on a whole case of water but I do bring a water bottle full of heavy whipping cream for my coffee every cruise and again....no issues.
  2. It's helpful they changed the age to 14, but at the same time it's still stupid because their onboard Teen program begins at age 12. So my 13 year old can basically run around the ship with his new found buds all day and night (until 1am) and do whatever he wants with no problem, but I can't buy him a solo ticket for the water park..... makes no sense but whatever.....he doesn't want to hang out with his mom either way so he's still running around the island on his own, they just won't be getting any extra money out of it. Won't be long before they lower it to 12 I'm sure.
  3. I went on the Mariner twice in July and there were all varieties of swimwear being worn. I was a bit surprised at the number of "almost" thongs being worn, even by larger people who had no business wearing them. LOL Do your thing I guess. Everyone seemed to be oblivious to this for the most part. There's no topless area on the North American cruises but other than that it seems anything goes.
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