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  1. Having already spent 345m (indy, nav & mar) and announced 427m (voy, oasis & allure) will royal scale down the amp on the remaining ships? I know adventure already received some of the upgrades in 2016 (water slides, splash away bay & new staterooms) so they may spend a lot less on her. I was expecting explorer to get the 100m refresh (sailing her in 9/2020). Now I'm hoping she gets it.
  2. Hey Folks, My girlfriend and I received the recent casino offer for empress of the seas. She received the free interior room offer for two and I received the same for 250.00. We are think of booking both rooms and bring a guest. There is a snag however in that my girlfriend's job is unpredictable and may require her to miss the cruise. My question is do you think there would be any monetary repercussions for her guest if she missed the cruise? Thank you for your responses.
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