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  1. What is the dress code on formal nights in the speciality restaurants and coastal?
  2. THANK YOU SO MUCH! This is so so so helpful! I am anxious to here about Labadee and Barefoot Beach. I asked for an above water cabana. I hope it works out!!!!
  3. @WAAAYTOOO I can not thank you enough for this AMAZING AMAZING advice. I am such a planner and this is hard for me not to plan. We do have friends that will be there so I love the idea of the party. I hope you don't mind if I shoot you a few questions. Do you recommend booking another cruise while on the ship........are the savings significant?
  4. This is our first cruise, so I would LOVE any recommendations. And thank you so much for the tip on CK for nights 1 & 5. @betatke1480 I am so glad to hear about Shane! I've been messaging him a bit with questions. Please share any good "need to know" info about Anthem if you get a second! I have booked absolutely nothing at this point.😬
  5. Our Genie is Shane Palmer, we are on the Anthem in a few weeks.
  6. We are. I was trying to book my reservations online and it keeps trying to charge me for the specialty restaurants. I am not loving the website to plan. I think I will count on the Genie. Thank you!
  7. Our specialty dining is included with our room package so I may just mix it up a bit. Thanks!
  8. Do you have thoughts on the specialty restaurants, (Jamies, Chops, etc) versus Coastal?
  9. I am really struggling with dinner reservations. Is there is huge difference in the food quality at the Coastal Kitchen and the speciality restaurants like Chops, Jamies, etc.
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