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  1. 57 minutes ago, PRebecca said:

    I have the patience of a 7 year old on Christmas morning; but I like the GTY to save a few bucks. I tried the bar code scanner (thanks!!) and it gave me a room that doesn't appear to exits (9625 on Mariner) so I will just need to keep obsessively checking each day, it's NBD since I am already checking for sales on DBP and excursions ?

    I’m the same way!!! I’m embarrassed to admit I check way more times a day than I should haha....but it’s a cruise, so it’s exciting.

  2. Hi all! Upcoming cruise on the harmony of the seas. I ordered some room decor/gifts for someone in my party (champagne + strawberries). Will that be all set up on Day One or cruising? I set that as the delivery date and wrote to please have it set up upon boarding. Has anyone had any experience with this? Thanks!

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