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  1. As I start to shop for items to put together a wardrobe of clothes to pack for this New Years cruise this coming winter on Anthem, I realized that I need to have a range of clothes to cover starting in a New Jersey/ NYC winter...to the Bahamas and back to winter.... anyone have any tips on how to do this? I am assuming layers are key?! I know that a lot of Anthem is enclosed, but was curious as to when people change over from their 'winter wear' to their ' i'm on vacation summer wear', during the course of the trip down the Atlantic coast ... ?
  2. ohhhh that DOES sound nice... now you're talkin'... lol Thanks for the tip!
  3. oh thanks for the photos! That is a bummer that there are no hot tubs or plunge pools... would be cool if they had some sort of spa pool with underwater sound and lights like i have seen some spa's have... I guess I will have to think about this, whether i want to do it or not.. Thanks for the help!!
  4. Could someone explain to me a little bit further, what this is exactly? All that I can find on the website is that it sensory experience where hot and cold fuse to de-stress. I wish that they would expand on this just a little bit, lol. I assume that it includes a sauna/ steam room... maybe hot tub... but where is the cold... Is there a cold pool . When you buy a pass for this, is it access to a 'use on your own' basis, anytime during the day? Thanks for the info and sorry for all of the newbie questions! ? -Julie
  5. We just booked our cruise a couple of days ago, on the Anthem of the Seas, for the Holiday, Dec 28- Jan 5 cruise. I am wanting to pay ahead the gratuities online and purchase the trip insurance, but i cannot find any mention of these items on my online account, where I go to make payments towards the trip. Do i have to call in order to do these things? Thanks for helping a newbie!
  6. thank you both, I will do exactly that then! Thanks!!
  7. You guys are all AWESOME! Thank you so much for the great ideas and thoughts..I will most definitely be doing some of these!! ?
  8. We made our reservations last night, and started looking at the cruise planner, deciding what things we would like to purchase for the cruise. I was looking at the Voom basic (no streaming) package for 1 device yesterday and it said 11.99...but today it says 14.99. Why did the price go up overnight?? Do these packages and things go on and off of 'sales'...should i just watch them for a while and buy when they are 'on sale' ?? I am confused...
  9. I am sailing with folks that said that they like to just have the continental breakfast every morning on the balcony. I really am a big breakfast person and want to take advantage of the big breakfast buffet. What I was wondering is if I can just venture over to the buffet and get my breakfast food myself and bring it back to the room to eat on the balcony with my friends? Do people do this? I really hate to pay 8 dollars a day for bacon and eggs and such, when i can go get it myself for free...and other stuff too! Also, if you can do this, will they give you a box or do you just carry a plate of food (or 2) back to your room?
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