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  1. Here are our categories: 3D - Balcony Cabin 1 4D - Balcony Cabin 2 (vacated) 3D - Balcony Cabin 3 4U - Inside Cabin
  2. Yes, sorry thought that was a given. We were really excited about having the one big balcony!
  3. My wife and I are going on our 5th cruise with Royal Caribbean (Ovation 10 day to Hawaii) in September. We booked this cruise with 3 other couples, all through a travel agent. 3 of us were able to get balconies side by side by side, the other had to settle for an inside room on a different deck. Well, the couple in the middle recently got pregnant and because of regulations they can't go on the cruise now. So this week they canceled their room with hopes that the 4th couple could move into it. They had the middle balcony room! The 4th couple has tried dealing with the travel agent to get the room, but they are not seeing it yet. We called Royal directly and they said they can't help us because we booked through a travel agent. This was disappointing because this is our 5th 7 day+ cruise with them in the last few years and we're bring new customers along. I realize this is an unusual scenario but wondering if anyone has any advise on how to get the 4th couple into the middle balcony room! We even asked the travel agent if we could move one of the other balcony rooms over and they said it would be another $600!
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