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  1. Thank you all for the suggestions! I found a really good review of the cruise in the last two years that included some details on Cruise Critic and it even had all of the cruise compasses so it gives me an idea of what to expect. I knew about the VAT, so we were anticipating that. My dad and I are kind of wanderers so I really don't think an excursion with a tour guide is for us, since we would probably get bored real quickly listening to them talk all the time. We've travelled to Europe before so we are completely comfortable going off by ourselves, this is just our first time doing so in the form of a cruise. Thanks again!
  2. Awesome! Thank you! This is my first cruise (and I'm a little terrified of the ship, so I guess I'll figure out how I feel about that) but I am very excited for the land parts. I am going with my dad (also his first cruise) and he's a bigger guy, so he can't walk really far and has to take breaks often because walking for more than 10 minutes hurts his back. We were looking at the excursions that Royal Caribbean offers but they're really expensive and could easily add another $1000 to the trip for the two of us, plus we are worried that he might not be able to keep up with the rest of the group with the walking parts of the tour. So we were thinking about maybe taking the courtesy shuttle that Royal Caribbean offers to and from the port, that way it's covered if it's late, but also so that we we can explore at our own pace and my dad can take breaks as often as he needs.
  3. I am going on the 12 night Mediterranean cruise in May and I noticed that many of the ports are not in the destination city (including Rome, Athens, and Ephesus for example). The Royal Caribbean website only says there is a nominal fee charged for a courtesy shuttle to and from the port and destination city, but I cannot find an example of the cost anywhere? Has anyone done the Mediterrean cruise? Do you remember about how much it cost for the shuttle? I know it will probably vary from port to port, but I don't know whether I am looking at like $10 or like $50 per person and I am trying to narrow it down somewhat. Thanks in advance!! :D
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