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  1. Gotta say Jesus' giraffe towel animal is damn impressive! Did the neck stand on its own like that or did you lean it up against something? If it was standing on its own that is incredible!!! Looks like the gift for Derick was perfect - did you know that he hand wrote out the day's activities each day? Is that how you chose the personalized pen and stationery? I also thought it was pretty cool that he did that. How can his handwriting not be similar to a doctor's scribbles on an Rx by now? I know mine is after all the signing I do at work. That extra level of personal attention was a very nice touch! One last comment re: the NCL Haven bathrooms - they were probably more awe inspiring than the interior of my aqua theater suite. LOL Not sure how NCL decided to devote that much cabin space and money to a bathroom area but it definitely is luxurious. Something I also majorly missed on my last Royal cruise. Welcome back home - hopefully it's warmer in Jersey than it is here in Michigan. Reality sucks. Take care SweetPea!
  2. SweetPea - I know I'm a little late in bringing up this post, but we also saw Clint Holmes on our cruise in March and I was blown away by his performance. Like you, it wasn't at all what I was expecting but my husband and I walked away saying it was the best performance we saw all week. Very heartfelt - he definitely put his all into the show. Very sweet that you and he had a connection/moment - I'm sure he appreciated it as much as you did. ❤️ Thanks for the continued Haven comparisons - sounds like NCL has ditched straws completely? It's obviously been too long since I have cruised with them. I took my own straws on the Royal SC cruise in March - paper wasn't going to cut it for me either. LOL I was in an aqua theater suite so it wasn't the same as yours but the bathrooms/makeup areas on Royal just do not compare to what I've experienced on NCL. Seems odd to place that much emphasis on a bathroom/makeup area but it does tend to spoil you when you have it! Sounds like you and Batman are having a great cruise - your blog has been enjoyed by all! 🙂
  3. I agree with you - if the price is right I would also sail Star Class. There were things I liked from each option (Haven vs Star Class), I just personally didn't feel the Star Class on Royal was head and shoulders above the Haven experience which was what I was expecting from some of the reviews I read. Most people treated us great as well. And you're right, I've read nothing but great things about Derick so you likely hit the jackpot there! Enjoy that shrimp!!!!
  4. I’m really enjoying your blog Sweet Pea! My husband and I started cruising on Royal but switched many years ago to NCL/Haven and loved it but wanted to try Royal again. We cruised Royal’s Star Class for the first time earlier this year. We had a bad genie experience so I’m watching to see what a Haven/Star Class comparison is for someone with a good genie experience. I appreciate your comments regarding pluses and minuses vs NCL/Haven. Enjoy the rest of your cruise!!
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