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  1. Just... wow. Love it and hate it at the same time.
  2. I have tried to post images in threads the last 2 days but images havent been uploading! They're all shown as broken links like my user profile image.
  3. Looks great! As a designer in real life, gotta say I love the white space.
  4. I actually have two bookings to compare! This was 6 nights in Cancún. My comparable OA class reference point is a 4-night to Cozumel in a OVB which was about $1.5k cheaper than the resort. I also have 6 nights in Jamaica booked because my booking from this year needed to be moved out a year. A 7-night OA class to Coco Cay in an OVB is about $1.8k cheaper than that resort, too! So affordable, cruising is always the best choice!
  5. I just went on an old fashioned land vacation at an All Inclusive and the greediness at the buffet DOES still exist even when the servers are hand serving each guest. I stood behind a woman for what felt like eternity as she had the server select/unselect different items until her plate was as high as 3 meals worth of food. With the resorts at 30% capacity, chair hogs are a thing of the past, though! All my pictures make it look like the place was empty. Can I hope to get on a cruise early on at 30% capacity? It was heavenly!
  6. @twangster I just keep this tab open year round now, I guess. I opened it around March getting excited for my May Oasis cruise... which was pushed to November which got Lift and Shifted to November 2021. But ONE DAY I WILL SAIL HER DAMN IT, and until then these pics really brighten my spirits! That Solarium, siiiiigh. Can I ask how many Twangster blogs we've lost to the pandemic?
  7. I'd like to toss in Rainforest Adventures in the Castries Waterworks Preserve for St. Lucia. I ended up choosing it over the Pitons zip you listed because it includes an aerial tram through the jungle to get to the ziplines from the base station. It was amazing, I loved being in the rainforest! Seeing the Pitons may be the deciding factor though, now I just have to go back again to see them
  8. Sovereign was my first cruise in 1998! I loved sail away.. I remember there were people down on the dock waving at our departure like an old school sailing vessel.
  9. Looks like the ship styling from cruisemapper.com!
  10. They were being super lenient about my April 2021 Southern Caribbean out of San Juan when I called earlier this week... they were really wanting to put me on Allure to the Western Caribbean or on Harmony to Bahamas/Eastern Caribbean which I thought was weird. She had to get a supervisor's approval to allow me to L&S from Freedom in April 21 to Freedom in April 22, both with the same itinerary!
  11. Loved the Hotel Victor in South Beach but I wanted to be right on the beach!
  12. I said I wouldn't and I did too.. the rates to get to the ABC islands on Freedom in 2022 are over $1,000 more than 2021 so I booked specifically to L&S it! Very pleased!
  13. Yes! I have asked this question before and no one knew then but YES, eventually it showed up for my Oasis 4 night even though every other option was there already including Chops+1! It showed up around 200 days I think.
  14. Had to L&S my Nov cruise (which wasn't on the master) because we're getting too close without sailing starting up yet. Please add me to Nov 3 2021 Oasis and April 5 2021 Independence!
  15. Oh sorry, what we were all talking about - the 125% OBC from a cancelled cruise.
  16. Hooray! I assume you asked about getting the OBC back if Royal cancels it. Any chance you know if this also goes for Lift and Shifting?
  17. This happened to me on my most recent booking and I didn't get the invoice you're talking about until after I called and was able to get a price reduction. The cruise showed in my CP but I never received any other confirmation.
  18. I asked this question too and no one was able to answer! I had spent $800 of my own dollars on a booking that got cancelled so even I don't get to keep the extra 25% they added to that amount, I would like to think they wouldn't just *&%^ you on the amount you had spent originally. That would be super messed up!
  19. I have found this to be true for mask-wearing + hat combinations. I am saving so much on daily facial SPF!
  20. I honestly bought a bright yellow mask specifically to match my best bathing suit! Covid vacay here I come
  21. Yes! My sailing was cancelled in May so I am not 100% sure for the most recent round of cancellations but you should've received this as an option instead of taking the Cruise Planner refund! I believe you will have to opt into this though, so your TA would need to confirm. I remember opting into this via a link in the cancellation email I got back in March.
  22. Thanks for your response but I was asking about applied on board credit I received for a cancelled sailing, not the future cruise credit.
  23. I have a November cruise on Oasis that I applied my 125% OBC to from a cancelled May sailing. Does anyone know what happens to your 125% OBC if Royal cancels the sailing it's applied to? Was there a stipulation that it was one time use only? Or do you think I would get it back as OBC again to be applied elsewhere? Also, same question if I were to Lift & Shift this cruise to 2021? I know my CP purchases would all be cancelled but what happens to the OBC?
  24. I can login and access the Upcoming Cruises list but then this pops up when you try and click.
  25. Me too! I even have a couple cute masks I bought specifically for vacation. We don't have a quarantine upon return order but I am hoping my office remains WFH through August so I can just quarantine at home anyway from my land trip to Jamaica and not feel guilty in case I could be infecting my coworkers!
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