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  1. Wow! Thanks guys! I wasnt aware that you could cancel the package. We are on Adventure of the Seas May 31st, and the regular price was $69 something CAD. Now its showing $65.17... so not sure how they calculate their pricing to get 25% off each. In any case I guess I’ll get it and see what happens in the next few weeks! Thank you!
  2. Hey all! we’re booked to sail in 38 days, and there has been 2 promos (although the same one) for buy one get one 50% off... does it ever go cheaper than $65.17 CAD daily? Eventhough the promo doesnt calculate at all to what they advertise, its still about $75 in our pockets this way. Any insight would be appreciated!
  3. Booking direct is definitely cheaper than booking through RC. There are also a couple different add on’s that you can get additional to the aquaventure. I called them directly and was told a taxi or water taxi would be around $6-7 from the port.. and would be a 10-15 min ride. I think i saw the excursion is 5-6 hours... ?which is nothing when there is so much to do there.. i think if you miss the shuttle back, you can grab a taxi, provided you get back to the ship by required time. also, is this booking a room at comfort suites really a thing? Cuz that would save us a boat load....
  4. We are looking to book an aft facing balcony on adventure of the seas on deck 10. 1692/1392. I know it’s been asked a million times, and i have spent all day researching answers and opinions... do you hear any noise from windjammer/island grill? It seems those rooms are directly underneath the carpeted eating area at the back of the buffet. We are travelling with a toddler, so night sleep and some naps are important for us. We have cruised aft facing in the past, and love it.. but have been sandwiched between stateroom floors. We were also considering 7390, but it may not work if the descripti
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