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  1. I haven't booked my flight yet but the flight I'm looking arrives at 940am.
  2. Hi. I realize flying in on a embarkation day is advised against but I'll probably be doing that for my first cruise in October 2019. Anybody know is there traffic or challenges getting to the Miami port. Of course I'd be taking the transfer or an uber from the airport. Just wanted to know if anyone had experience going to Miami port arriving same day. Let me know. Thank You,
  3. Hi. I realize this will be a really subjective question but which activities on board would you skip? Going on my first cruise on Navigator of the Seas in October 2019 for four nights. Just wondering what activities you feel weren't worth your time after having done them. Thank You,
  4. Hi. Has anyone been on the all access ship tour? I know all ships will differ but wonder if it is worth the price or save it for a shore excursion.
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