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  1. Thanks, Matt. What other ships have this same Baby splash area?
  2. Hello Everyone, My wife, soon to be a 2-year-old daughter and I were literally just about to book a Cruise Vacation through Carnival when we came across ""Water Sports Children who are not toilet trained (and those in diapers or swim diapers) are not allowed in any of the water facilities on board, as per United States Public Health Services. Toilet trained children should be taken on frequent bathroom breaks. Water facilities include: swimming pools, spray parks, WaterWorks, slides and whirlpools." This means that if my daughter is not Trained by the time of our sailing, she won't b
  3. Hello, Does anyone know if RC runs the Kids Sail Free offer often? I was monitoring the February sale and waiting on a Work Bonus to schedule our cruise, still waiting on the Bonus, but now Kids Sail Free is gone and the cruise I was looking at is now around $500 then it was before and it is mainly because of the Kids Sail Free offer being gone... My daughter is only 2... Thank You in Advance.
  4. HI everyone, My wife, 2-year-old daughter and myself are just about ready to book a cruise sometime in October 2019. I'm all about pre-paying for stuff so I don't get a large bill at the end (happened in a previous Carnival cruise and almost ruined everything for ur) Other than anything I purchase on the ship and if I pay for gratuities up front, am I to expect anything else pop up on my final bill? Also, if I purchase the drink package, the gratuities that are included, will this also take care of the $14.50 per day, meaning, I wouldn't have to prepay for gratuities? Also, I don't dri
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