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  1. The problem is all the carriers were taking 3-7 max aircraft per month. It’s not 62 at this point that are absent from the system, It’s a few hundred. That’s had a huge impact. SWA RPMs were flat summer over summer. They had planned to grow 5%. UAL and AMR affected a little less but still affected. When planes are flying around at 90+% load factors the prices are going to be high because demand outweighs supply.
  2. It’s there to protect US jobs in the shipping industry. Much like cabotage laws restrict flying for foreign carriers. https://transportationinstitute.org/jones-act/
  3. Sorry just went back and looked it up. I was wrong in my original post, thanks WayToo. I’ll go back to lurking lol.
  4. Maybe I’m mistaken. I thought all Oasis and Quantam class changed with the new Sky/Star/Sea suite classifications. I haven’t been on a Quantem class since the change.
  5. Dodger, that cruise is on the Ovation. It does not have a concierge lounge. It has a Suites lounge for Suites/Pinnacle only. I think that is what is causing the confusion. They have opened more areas for the high number of D/D+ To help with crowding on the TransPacific cruise since there are such a high number.
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