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  1. May I inquire as to what the source is that states the lifts won't be operating? The email from RC earlier today suggested that the Aqua theatre will be repaired in time for 5/5 and makes no mention of only a partial repair. Thanks!
  2. Looks like they might be ready: https://www.instagram.com/p/BwUWv5fikp4/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=16dqu7wjih5l3
  3. I’m not sure those photos are up to date? It looks like they were taken shortly after the incident happened because a picture I saw posted by a crew member (with the theater in the background) showed a different story. They’ve also apparently been working on the theater during the journey so hopefully it’s ready by 5/5.
  4. I believe she is headed on her own (potentially full) power as the tracker showed her moving at 18.7knts. Per google, her cruising speed is 22knts so she was almost at normal power. I doubt they'd be going that fast if being towed.
  5. Would it be safe to assume they’ve removed the fallen crane since the ship is moving around? The pictures from yesterday with the damage from the crane looked horrible.
  6. YES! That’s exactly what we’re planning to do if our 5/19 sailing ends up cancelled.
  7. Thank you; I've been in communication with Royal all morning and they keep saying that the May dates are still scheduled as planed. I did some more research and found out that our airline (Delta)would charge us around $900 to change the international flights which would be covered by the $800 offered by RC as compensation. In fact, because we're not stuck to our sail date of May 19th, it would be a financially beneficial if they did cancel it because we'd get another cruise out of it for roughly the $100 or so we'd need to pay to change flights. Emotionally it would be a pain to have to move everything though so hoping for the best. Thankfully we booked everything on our own and have complete control over the full process.
  8. Hey everyone, i just saw this news last night and are very concerned because we are on Oasis for the May 19th, 2019 sailing. RC is saying that date isn’t affected at this time but it certainly could change. How likely is it that our cruise will be cancelled as well? We’re flying from Los Angeles to Barcelona and I’m trying to come up with contingency plans. Does anyone know if it’s possible for us to add travel insurance at this late stage? We purchased the trip insurance through RC when we booked over a year ago. I also have insurance on the flights (we booked ourselves through Delta) but it looks like that only covers illnesses and the like. Thanks everyone and I’m so sorry for those whose cruise was cancelled; I can’t even imagine the stress.
  9. I’d double check to make sure the price still is cheaper before calling. When I originally started this topic there was a price difference in what I paid, however, by the time I was going to call Royal Caribbean, the price had changed again. To me it wasn’t worth going through the hassle as the update price was only $25 or so cheaper than what I had paid.
  10. Hi everyone! We paid our final balance for our upcoming western Mediterranean cruise on Oasis of the Seas prior to the due date in February. I checked this afternoon to see if there were any suites left and while there isn't, I noticed that the overall cost for our room type (Ocean View Balcony) has dropped by about $350. The room is in the exact same category on the same deck (12) on the opposite side of the ship (we don't care which side we're on). We'd lose out on the $75 on board credit, however, it would still be a savings of about $275. Is there any point in contacting RC to see if they'll make a price adjustment? I booked everything myself and didn't use a travel agent. We understand that since it's past the final payment date there might be nothing that can be done. Thank you!
  11. Thanks! Is it worth setting up an after cruise transfer with Royal Caribbean or should we be okay waiting for a taxi? Our return flight doesn't depart Barcelona until 12:45pm so we shouldn't be too rushed.
  12. Anyone have any feedback on the Port of Barcelona? Leaving from there in May and would like to know if it's easy/difficult to navigate. Thanks!
  13. Thanks for the feedback everyone. We're not in a Junior Suite right now which is why I'm even considering it (we're in a regular Ocean View Balcony on Deck 12). From what I can tell, 3 of the 4 remaining Junior Suites available for our sail date would be acceptable to us (higher deck away from a possible noise area). If we bid the minimum ($200/person) does anyone have any idea if we have a chance it will be accepted? I'm a bit of a control freak and don't like the idea of not hearing anything until 24hrs before we depart. I suppose i could always cancel it if we haven't heard anything and it's a week away though. I made the mistake of watching a youtube video of the Junior suite and the extra space is incredibly appealing...
  14. Hi everyone. My wife was sent an RoyalUp offer for our upcoming May cruise. Although I didn’t receive one even though we’re in the same cabin, I had a question I’d appreciate help on. We love our current room selection (Deck 12 Ocean view balcony) but are considering submitting a bid for a junior suite. If the bid is accepted, do we get to pick which junior suite we want? The concern is that we’ll win the bid and then be put into a suite in a less desirable location. Thank you!
  15. After a brief 20min phone call, the representative I spoke with was able to change our dining time to 7:30pm every night! I'm also now able to see the "modify" button on my cruise planner so I can make any further adjustments myself. [email protected] for the help! 90 days and counting to our first cruise!
  16. Nope, we booked everything on our own (I'm a self admitted control freak). I'll give them a call and let everyone know what happens. Thankfully we're still 90 days out so hopefully they can make changes. Thank you!
  17. Hmm, i can't even seen to cancel it so I can try to rebook it. This is more concerning/stressful than it seems like it needs to be ?
  18. The only other thing I can see is our information; my name and my wife's name. Do you think calling them would be helpful? I don't mind waiting on hold for however long it takes if it's going to solve the issue. I did noticed on our "cruise vacation receipt" it says our dining time is 8:30pm so not sure if that's what's causing the issue. We booked this trip in January 2018 so it's hard to remember exactly what we indicated when booking since it was over a year ago.
  19. @twangster Thanks for the help! I don't see the modify button in my "Order History" section though (see screenshot below). Anyone have any ideas on how I can fix this? Notice it says my time is 8:00pm - 10:00pm, however, on the app it says 8:30am which is a bit late. Any help is appreciated! I completed check in today and although I'm not able to print luggage tags yet, i didn't see anything about dining times.
  20. Thanks everyone! We're definitely going to go to with cross packing as well as bringing extra clothes on our carry on just to be sure we're covered if we have any issue. We did pay for trip insurance through Royal so should something be lost, we'll have coverage.
  21. Hey everyone! We're cruising for the first time on Oasis in May and are a bit confused about "my time dining". When originally booking the cruise back In January 2018, we selected MTD because the early seating was too early and the late seating too late. We're only a party of two and understood that we'd be able to "reserve" a time for MTD. For months and months, the cruise planner has stated 8:00pm to 10:00pm, however, upon utilizing the app, it says our time is 8:30 (a bit late). What would be the best way to try and reserve a dining time of around 7:15pm/7:30pm? We prefer to sit at our own table as we're a bit introverted as a couple. We're officially 90 days out tomorrow and I I'd like to make sure I don't screw anything up before checking in! Thanks!
  22. Exactly! I'm totally worried about our luggage being lost in transit on the flight since we're going from Los Angeles to Barcelona via a layover in Paris. Made sure there is plenty of time between flights but I'm seriously considering investing in luggage trackers. I've traveled internationally before but always with my parents who are very seasoned travelers. Thank you all for the feedback! I've gathered that rooms typically open around 1:00pm, do we know when I should typically expect luggage to arrive before I have a panic attack that something happened to it? I know it seems silly but I can think of nothing worse than a seven day cruise in a foreign country without a change of clothes Also purchased the recommended luggage tags from Amazon!
  23. Hi everyone! We're first time cruisers and are booked on Oasis of the Seas, departing from Barcelona in May 2019 for a 7 day Mediterranean adventure. We're travelling all the way from California and are a bit confused about the embarkation process, specifically how luggage is handled. How exactly does the process work? I've read about using porters but it seems a bit risky to hand our luggage to someone and then hope it arrives in our room. We did elect for "The Key" since its our first time but I don't think that changes the fact that we have to use porters. Thankfully my wife is fluent in Spanish, however, i'm a bit of a control freak and are worried that our luggage won't make it on board/into our room. We understand the idea behind carry on luggage and will definitely have a smaller suit case with important items (documents, medications, etc.) We're planning to show up to the cruise terminal super early (around 10:00am) to hopefully avoid the crazy crowds. Thanks for the help!
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