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  1. Thanks all! L454S, that's how I understood it to work too but I specifically asked if she was unable to move me to a room that cost less even though I wasn't asking for a refund and she confirmed that was the case. I'll keep an eye out and try again. I do have a RoyalUp bid too!
  2. Sorry, I know this is a basic question but I feel like I must be nuts. My cruise is in 36 days and I'm currently booked in an inside cabin but we're thinking some fresh air might be nice, so I've been keeping an eye out for price drops on balconies, but it seems like Royal Caribbean is determined to not give us one. Also I'm starting to learn the value of a travel agent but it's too late for this cruise! Here's what's happened so far: Last month there was a big price drop overnight, so I called up and asked to upgrade, but they were unable to match the price I found online. I hung up
  3. Thank you! This info is so helpful and I appreciate you answering my questions! I was already wavering on $600 for "refreshments" over the course of the cruise, and I think the news about the specialty coffee confirms my decision.
  4. We're booked on the 13-night Ultimate Scandinavia/Russia on Serenade this summer. I'm thinking about the refreshment package but it really adds up on such a long cruise and I want to make sure we'll get value from it, so I have some specific questions I'm hoping the experts can help with! We only have one sea day so I think breakfast will usually be at Park Cafe or Windjammer. Is there a convenient nearby location for fresh-squeezed juices and espresso? I'm not clear on what exactly the Park Cafe itself offers in terms of beverages. Along the same lines, is there specialty coffe
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