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  1. We also looked for a drink card. The only thing they offered was drink of the day at certain bars. We were glad we had some of our own alcohol. Also my mistake. The adult pool was the sports pool. But as I said it was windy and we went to the main pool. Have fun!
  2. The one closest to the solarium. We usually have breakfast/snacks in solarium, however on this cruise they only offered kosher food in the solarium. We were disappointed as that menu did not work for us.
  3. No, not in the solarium. They have an adults only outside pool now. No inside pool in solarium on Harmony.
  4. They did not seem to offer the discounted drink package on Harmony as they have on the other ships. I am going on Symphony in March so I will be anxious to compare the two. The adult only pool was very windy, so we moved to another one and it was much better never felt too crowded. Loved the guacamole at mini bites! Chops was excellent but our server wasn’t as great as others. Went to Sabor for lunch, it was good. Tried to go to Jamie’s but couldn’t get a reservation that fit our time schedule. Had early dining time and as always, it was excellent Do not miss any shows! All of them were exceptional! Hope you enjoy your trip as much as we did!
  5. Just got back from Harmony cruise (awesome)! Whatsapp works with vroom, but other than that, if you did not purchase an internet package it didn't work. Harmony did not support the Royal IQ app.
  6. Do you know if you can text/chat with the phone app on Harmony? Sailing next week (1/20/19). We have a large party and that option would be awesome.
  7. Can you tell me if there is pickleball on Harmony of the Seas? We are leaving Jan. 20, 2019. Wanted to know if I should bring my paddle! Hope there is!!!
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